FIRE Extinguishers

A fire extinguisher is also known as just an extinguisher too. Classic Fire Protection, basically has come up with an active fire protection gadget that is employed in emergency situations to turn off or controlling the small fires. However, it is not useful in the case of heavy fire or when the fire goes out of control that is if the fire has reached to the roof or ceiling for which one has to call the experts of fire departments. A fire extinguisher includes a cylindrical pressure vessel and can be hold easily in your hand. Moreover, it includes an agent that can be released for extinguishing the fire. Today, fire extinguishers are available in every building and houses that are inspected and serviced annually by the fire protection service company. There are two categories of fire extinguishers, one is stored pressure and another is cartridge-operated and dissimilar propellants are used depending upon the agent.


ABC Stored Pressure Type Fire Extinguishers

Mechanical Foam (AFFF) Fire Extinguisher

Water Portable Fire Extinguisher

Clean Agent Portable Fire Extinguishers

Carbon Di-Oxide Por- table Fire Extinguisher

DCP Portable Fire Extinguisher

Powder Portable Fire Extinguisher

Wet Chemic

Automatic fire Extinguishers


Generally the most critical and damaging fire instance occurs at the time when there is no one around, especially during holidays or in the big industries where it is quite difficult to keep an eye in all the directions. Under such circumstances the automatic fire extinguishers is the only solution of your problem. We, at Classic Fire Protection produce this product, which is the simplest way of extinguishing the fire and does not involve a lengthy costly pipe work.

It is available in the form of powder and the gas. The powder- based extinguisher can be placed in the fully loaded combustible materials and the gas extinguisher can be used at the server rooms, eatable stores, electrical panel rooms and so on. These automatic fire extinguishers can be applied at the place facing to some extent downwards on top of the engine. They get activated when the temperature increases towards a height symbolic for a fire and the powder is speedily released above the engine which destroys the flames.

Fire Extinguishing Ball

Fire ball is a fire extinguisher which is ball shaped that is also devised by us at Classic Fire Protection. The main function of this extinguisher is that it is simply thrown into fire and is activated for about 3 to 5 seconds. Moreover, it successfully scatters fire -extinguishing chemicals too. The best part of the fire ball is that when fire occurs it automatically comes into contact with fire and produces a thunderous noise such as a fire alarm. Due to its wonderful trait this fire extinguisher is placed at the fire prone areas such as the kitchen or electrical circuit breaker. No extra skills or training is needed for using this equipment. You are not going to face any danger of fire. The life span of this product is till five years. In addition to this it does not require any kind of inspection and maintenance. This is the simplest and quickest way of extinguishing the fire.

Fire Proximity Suit

We, at Classic Fire Protection produce fire suit or Fire immediacy suit, which is generally silver in color or a silver bunker suit. It is generally designed for saving a fire combatant from high temperatures that is particular close to fires of extremely high temperatures such as the aircraft fires. Earlier the fire proximity suits were made of asbestos fabric but today they are man-made from vacuum-deposited aluminized substances that reveal the elevated radiant loads formed by means of the fire. These fire proximity suits are extensively used within extreme heat, steam, fire and hot liquids. These suits can be employed in foundries, petrochemicals plants, glass, defense, and steel and ceramics industry. Basically it is used during the rescuing operations. The inner layer of the suit is of woolen fabric and is stitched with the help of heavy-duty kelvlar thread and the outer layer is made of 16 OZ aluminized glass fiber fabric along with the dual mirror that possess a 90% of reflection of heat.

Fire Detection System

We, at Classic Fire Protection have formulated mechanical fire detection system that is especially crafted for distinguishing the unnecessary occurrence of fire by means of supervising environmental alteration connected through combustion. In other words, a fire detection system is a separate battery single station detector that finds out the smoke at the initial stage and automatically sends an alarm before it gets too late. Moreover, this fire detection system has been divided into categories that is it can function automatically, manually and sometimes both. The automatic systems are planned in the direction of informing the building inhabitants to abandon it during the occurrence of fire or other kind of an emergency, further an event is reported to the off-premises site in order to call emergency services in addition to this, the construction and linked systems for controlling the stretchiness of fire and smoke. These detectors possess many great features such as low battery warning, LED indicator, Test Button and the 85db Alarm sound.

Fire Detection System

Low Battery Warning

Test Button

LED Indicator

85db Alarm Sound.

Fire blankets also belong to the family of fire extinguishing equipments and are very useful at home, garage and in kitchen. This is useful for wrapping a person who is on fire. Our fire blanket at Classic Fire Protection is very attractive, durable, convenient and is great in quality too. In other words, you can say that a fire blanket is a protection gadget intended to turn off small initial fires. It is made up of a piece of fire retardant substance and is positioned above the fire with an aim of repress it. The petite size fire blankets that are especially crafted for using in kitchens or all around the home are generally made of fiber glass and are folded very comfortably for an easy storage. The other huge sized blankets are basically used in laboratory and the industrial locations are made up of wool. These types of big blankets are frequently accumulated in perpendicular quick-release cupboard so that during urgencies it can be easily dragged out and is easily wrapped to an individual whose clothes are set on fire

Fire Alarm

A fire Alarm panel can be defined as an important element of a Fire alarm system which we, at Classic Fire Protection produce in an efficient manner. The panel obtains information as of from the ecological sensors intended towards noticing modification related by the means of fire after which there is scrutiny of prepared reliability and supply on behalf of the automatic control of the equipment, as well as spreading information, essential to organize the capability intended for fire base on a pre-arranged series. The panel also supplies electrical energy headed for function any linked antenna, control, spreader, or communicate. A Fire Alarm Panel is divided into two categories, that are, conventional fire alarm panels and addressable fire alarm panels. This fire alarm system has been designed for detecting the discarded existence of fire by means of supervising the environmental alteration related in the company of combustion. This fire alarm system can be activated manually, automatically or even both. All these fire panels are not common but sometimes can be accessible in older buildings such as colleges or hospital.